Wall Hung Gas Boiler – Outdoor Space

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R1K RAIN 24 – 28 – 34 kW

Heating Only.

Radiant presents its new gas condensing boilers for partially or fully uncovered installation. They combine modern aesthetics with the robustness and durability that a boiler should have when exposed to the sun as well as rain.

The revolution in Heat Exchangers

Since 1959 Radiant has been designing and manufacturing in its own facilities in central Italy the main components of all its products. Technological developments aimed at greater energy efficiency and reliability are 100% guaranteed by the made in Radiant wall-mounted boiler.

The ONE-TECH® condensing exchanger, manufactured by Radiant, has coils of wide cross-section from a single tube INOX Ø 28 mm, thus ensuring higher thermal efficiency, lower heat load losses and ease of maintenance work.

60+ years of experience provide Radiant with the necessary know-how to design and manufacture the exchanger that equips the R 1K RAIN series condensing boilers.


100% made in Radiant
100% made in Italy


The components of the wall-mounted boiler are arranged in such a way that they are all easily accessible, for checking them and for any repairs that may arise, e.g.

  • the closed expansion tank is on the side with the valve in front, for easy maintenance.
  • the hydraulic connection of the closed expansion vessel is at the upper point so that it can be easily replaced.
  • the transformer is not part of the management board, as a result of which its replacement is done easily, quickly and at very low cost in contrast to the replacement of the board that has the transformer built in, which is a time-consuming and costly process.

• all parts are connected with brass fittings, resulting in easy repair. • the special sound-absorbing funnel helps reduce noise.

• all components are made of branded high-quality materials, eg Callefi.

Summery of Technical Characteristics:

Characteristics:R1K 24 RAINR1K 28 RAINR1K 34 RAIN
Rated Thermal Power (Max)kW242834
Rated Thermal Power (Min)kW2,93,74,1
Expansion vessel capacityL888
Dimensions Height x Width x Depthmm787 x 420 x 370787 x 420 x 370787 x 420 x 370
Degree of Electrical ProtectionIPX5DX5DX5D


For full technical details please refer to the manuals.




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