Core and supplementary services


Design services

Cathodic protection systems
Photovoltaic design & installation
Gas combustion systems
Heat pumps
Electrical design / installations


Cathodic protection products
Photovoltaic products
Gas related products & Heat pumps
Electrical distribution boards for all voltage ranges

On-site services

Site surveys & technical survey reports
Site inspections
As-build drawings


Engineering consultation services
Review of drawings as per specifications and standards


Meet the team!

Dicen Engineering is a company determined to produce high quality engineering design studies and consultation services for cathodic protection, photovoltaic systems, heating systems (gas, heat-pumps and hybrid heat-pumps), electrical distribution boards and electromechanical systems.

We cover a wide range of industries, from gas, for commercial and domestic sectors. Time and cost efficiency without compromising quality is one of our business drives.

Along with our services we offer a wide range of products from suppliers with an impressive amount of experience in their sectors, which can aid on achieving engineering excellence and customer satisfaction.

A big part of our business focuses on trade of cathodic protection products, heating systems (gas, heat-pumps, and hybrid heat pumps), solar panels, automation and electrical distribution boards, supported by a wide range of international network of suppliers.


A few words from the owner

“In Dicen engineering we are young, fresh, competitive and passionate about our work. Our aim is clear, to provide services and products for your home and business regardless of its size and complexity. Our goal is the fulfilment of our customer’s needs via experience and knowledge!

We believe teamwork is not only an internal charisma, but one of our strongest essential competitive advantages. We want to capture every small change in your scope, at any point until the completion of your project. To achieve this, we are engaging with your Project Manager at very close intervals, so we can maintain high levels of quality and meet your expectations.

One of our strongest points is flexibility and adaptability. In a fast moving and demanding environment, we are always trying to be on top of our game! We will engage with our clients, understand their needs and always go the extra mile to provide the best engineering results!

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